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The pure of heart delight in the Garden of God

When a human reduces concerns, thoughts and desires of worldly things the heart becomes pure and then one begins to find greater pleasure in nature than in man made things, even man made gardens for the garden planted by God or Mother Earth, a part of Him, is far more beautiful.
It is not just mystics and spiritual person who delight in forests, wild fields, lakes and streams but all who have unburdened their souls for such places nourish the soul. Of all wild countryside, it is mountain ones that are most beautiful because from a mountain side one has a vast view of this garden of God as compared to a forest on the plains.
Of all mountain forested areas the ones in the central portion of Nainital Himalayas are some the most beautiful because here the mountain is full of undergrounds streams that create many lakes and lush green countryside. Three roads from the plains lead to Nainital town, One via Kaladhungi, the other two pass through Kathgodam and then split at Rani Bagh into tw…