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Help arrives from Haidakhan Babaji

Recently, to friends on face book, I had described how I had suffered much from an illness that was similar to an earlier one suffered in 2007, but just much briefer this time. In 2007 I used to drink much and that had complicated the illness, making it last several months. Moreover, this time, having gone through the same illness before, I knew what had to be done for treatment.
When illness had struck in 2007, I had ascribed it to excessive drinking that began soon after death of mother Nando in 1999, to drown my sorrow then. However even then, I had suspected an attack by some poisons mixed in but was not sure. When the attack came this time, I knew it was poisons because now I was not drinking. With the grace and help of Babaji, except for an odd social occasion, I stopped drinking in 2007. It has been described in my earlier books and blogs on Babaji.
Immediately I secured my kitchen and discarded all existing food rations into the compost pile just as I had done in 2007. They …