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Nando (Nand Rani Malhotra)

My mother’s name was Nand Rani Malhotra (1924-1999) but except for official purposes all knew her by just her home name of, Nando. One of the most significant phases of her life was spent in Nainital and she loved this town, as did the people of Nainital who met her then in the fifties and knew her simply by her home name of Nando. The more humble of Kumaon who came to know her closely said she is a Devi but to me she was just mother. She lived a simple life of a housewife serving her family with full dedication but simultaneously she did not miss an opportunity to serve anyone she came across. In Nainital she contributed her opinion to the leading voices of the town urging them to retain the best of customs and unique heritage of the town that the British had created and left. Some of these continue until this day.

She was a spiritual lady who loved Lord Hanuman keeping a fast in his honor and to thank him every Tuesday most of her life. She also had huge faith in Sikh Gurudwaras an…