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Babaji and Trees

Baba Hairdakhan, Babaji loved to care for and plant trees. He encouraged others to do the same.

Himalayan mystics explain that human birth is precious. It is attained after millions of years of evolution when a soul evolves slowly from bacteria, animal and eventually to human form and beyond. As a human, the capabilities are far more than that of any other animal on planet earth. With this form, the human soul also had certain responsibilities that come with any advantages. It is the duty of humans to help the less evolved that include plants, animals and even other humans. It is an expression of  love for mother earth. Of the three virtues required for evolution – love, truth and simplicity, love is the foremost. If a human does not continue to evolve to still higher life forms, godly by our reckoning, there is danger of it slipping back into lower ones.
At the present time, when human population has increased to an extent that plant life is suffering and trees are being destroyed f…

Boat Club of Nainital

The Boat club is one of the central hubs of activity in Nainital. It features prominently in my book - The Babaji Affair. Here is a picture of it. It houses a dining hall and dance floor, a spacious patio by the lake, cards roon, wash rooms, another spacious bar where many key personalities of Nainital drop in from time to time for a chat and drink with others. One has to be properly dressed before one can enter the club. This includes a tie for men.You can easily spot tiny sail boats parked by the club with their colorful striped sails. As a child it was a hobby of mine to gaze at this lake and the sail boats from the living room window of our home on one of the lush green hills that surround this lake.

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