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Merry Christmas and Children

Humans err in trying to find the worthiest among rich and famous. They are just like many among us, many are just better at feathering their nests, often by exploiting other humans. The worthiest of humans may more easily be found among simple hermits and others living in quiet isolated abodes. No wise and compassionate human can accumulate a huge amount of wealth and be proud of that when there are millions of children suffering from hunger or malnutrition. Saint Kabir has stressed this point.
Only a few humans can find contentment in the simplicity of a hermit. Most must continue to strive in the world for needs they perceive as essential for themselves and their families. But all can strive to reserve a portion of their time and energy to serve the world around them. It is only then that one becomes deserving of help from the Universe. Little can be achieved without such help. Our very breath comes because the Universe cares for us every moment of our lives. It is because we are …