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Of God, gods and goddesses

I posted this in my other blog at but later realized that it is an appropriate post for this blog. Therefore I am posting it again here.
Theists believe that God exists. My view of God is that Infinite power that sustains the universe and that everything that we can observe in the universe is a part of Him. His consciousness runs through everything - all life forms, the earth, stones, sky, trees, the sun, stars and everything else besides. As distinct from inanimate objects life forms posses a free will as well as their independent and distinct desires that are unique to each individual, different from each other and different from the desires of God. As a being becomes more and more spiritual there is a greater unity with the desires of the Universal consciousness and a greater divinity.
Besides God some religious humans have also worshiped other divine beings or gods from ancient times and every civilized part of the world has their own favorite go…