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A Fascinating New Website on Nainital

Hello friends, this is just to announce that a fascinating new website has been launched on Nainital.It is an ideal place to start for those who wish to know about the most beautiful and fascinating city in the Himalayas, perhaps even on earth.

Cannabis- Jai Bhole Nath ki

While Cannabis has been declared as an illegal substance in many countries of the world, recent studies suggest that there may be a need to review the associated laws.

Recently, I got involved in a discussion and a friendly disagreement with a medical practitioner regarding the treatment of a patient who has been on certain psychiatric drugs for several years now and as one would expect, is not leading a full life as a result of it. The drug prescription had started when the patient in question suffered a traumatic experience in her life at an age of around twenty. The difficulty with the drug regime recommended for this patient is that if the drug is given up (at least suddenly) it may lead to serious and severe consequences such as seizures and if continued, it builds up into side effects like liver disease, Parkinson’s and far worse after prolonged use, and while in use it dulls a person so that they cannot function in a normal and alert manner while the patient may not even rea…