Cannabis- Jai Bhole Nath ki


While Cannabis has been declared as an illegal substance in many countries of the world, recent studies suggest that there may be a need to review the associated laws. 

Recently, I got involved in a discussion and a friendly disagreement with a medical practitioner regarding the treatment of a patient who has been on certain psychiatric drugs for several years now and as one would expect, is not leading a full life as a result of it. The drug prescription had started when the patient in question suffered a traumatic experience in her life at an age of around twenty. The difficulty with the drug regime recommended for this patient is that if the drug is given up (at least suddenly) it may lead to serious and severe consequences such as seizures and if continued, it builds up into side effects like liver disease, Parkinson’s and far worse after prolonged use, and while in use it dulls a person so that they cannot function in a normal and alert manner while the patient may not even realize it is so.

As life goes through ups and downs, a human may suffer severe trauma or stress at some point in his or her life. There was a traditional way, one took a drink of alcohol or some sleepy stuff and got over it in time. Some as a result became alcoholic but when they were weaned away from it, at least they did not suffer seizures. Some of the chemical medicines that humans have invented appear to be far more dangerous than natural herbal ones that the Lord made. Alcohol simply emerges as a result of natural fermentation from natural sugars while cannabis grows as a wild weed. True in excess and by misuse these cause  much harm but much more harm has been caused by making these traditional substances illegal. it has spawned a dangerous illegal industry that funds many modern crimes. Making them legal and tackling any problems they cause at a social level as mankind did for centuries while also making use of it as a medicine when indicated seem to be worth examining with urgency.

Chemical medicines are produced by man instead of nature through industrial or laboratory processes. At times, the starting point of a laboratory or industrial process is is a natural product such as opium. The derivatives of opium are far more dangerous than the natural stuff itself and perhaps if King Solomon knew of it he might have said, “Give opium to one in severe pain, bent under the burdens of a difficult life but give its derivatives to a person you wish to destroy.”

But come to think of it the humble opium and cannabis plants can not fund the luncheon, junkets and associations of docs as the industry that markets the derivatives can!The same is true of Cannabis derivatives and countries considering legalizing this herb again must distinguish between cannabis and its active derivatives, produced perhaps out of greed of the manufacturer, and include that in the legislation, but then we have democratic governments that get funded by and look after industrial interests.

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How is that Marijuana appears to work for such a large range of psychiatric and emotional disorders? The answer is in the same as it is an aid to meditation for some mystics, by stabilizing thought processes and returning a focus back to it origin. Some of the active chemicals of cannabis are the same as those found in Mothers' milk that keeps young babies healthy and secure.

A greater exploration and study of cannabis is required.

This study is not in the interest of the drug industry and some may create hurdles in this exploration .  If they did it would be very unfortunate in view of its potential to alleviate human suffering and treat conditions that presently remain untreated or are treated by man-made substances that cause more harm than good.
Although mankind would obviously gain by more detailed studies of cannabis there are at least four sets of humans that will lose. These are first of all a drug industry that may lose a market for very profitable drugs, second are the associations and researchers that are funded by the drug industry, third is the illegal drug mafia that will lose its business if the substance becomes legal and last are the officials and politicians of some countries who may be drawing a share of the profits.

It may be noted that while the modern medical profession has begun discovering the immense advantages of Marijuana in treating several conditions of the mind, brain and psychology, some previously untreatable, others suppressed or controlled by very dangerous substances, there still seems to be an attempt to treat different conditions of the brain with different components of this plant. While even  that is a better alternative than synthetic substances, this author believes that the attempt should be to employ the plant as a whole rather than its individual components.  It may be totally unnecessary to separate Cannabidiol (CBD) from THC but the approach should be to retain both as well as other organic components of the plant in nearly the same proportions as nature chose and designed  whenever its medical use is sought, with no more than moderate cooking with some other common food products such as milk.

There is a need for various countries to review the associated laws, as has indeed begun to happen as some states in USA and some countries like Uruguay legalize it.

UPDATE JULY 2015: new post with fresh scientific evidence on cannabis here

Om Namah Shivai. Jai Bhole Nath ki.

Jai Shiv Shankar

The author's book "The Babaji Affair" expands on some of the associated mystical philosophy. Print and electronic editions of the book may be found at several retailers through a google search.
Om Namah Shivay


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