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Cannabis and the Law

Until a century ago, cannabis and its products were a legally and freely available in India. Presently it is an Illegal substance. This plant is indigenous to Himalayan region and its consumption has been common amongst hermits and mystics of the region since ancient times. Although it has been made illegal in many countries over the past century, it appears that it is less addictive than tobacco or alcohol and less likely to produce harm through improper use than alcohol. On the other hand when appropriate varieties of it are used properly this plant also has great medical benefits as well as meditative ones. Mystics have found it to be an aid in their meditative and spiritual pursuits.
With the declaring of this plant as illegal, it lost its respectability around the world and was looked down at as a harmful drug. However, a recent documentary on CNN and the findings of Dr. Sanjay Gupta has gone a long way in restoring the respectability of Cannabis. It has either been legalized or…

Mother Goddess

There is much more on the Mother goddess in other posts of this blog for example here
The post contains a comprehensive view of the Mother Goddess as known in Asia, influenced by the spirituality of the Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world.