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Babaji and Simplicity

Babaji, the famous mystical appearance of Nainital who spoke very little did speak of simplicity. This picture attempts to explain simplicity

Gifts of Love


Encounter with a Himalayan Mystic – Baba Haidakhan or Babaji

It was early eighties. I was then an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Delhi. I had rented an apartment a few kilometers away from IIT, at a place known as Masjid Moth (DDA Flats). There was accommodation on campus but with two infant daughters and a live in full time Nanny to boot, available accommodation on campus was a bit too compact for our needs. I lived in this apartment from approximately the middle of 1981 to the middle of 1984.  During this period I had an unusual spiritual encounter. I do not recall the exact date when the encounter took place but the incident itself is crystal clear in my mind.

At the time my wife with nanny and children were away. I was alone at home. It was morning, some time after breakfast the bell rang. I opened the door to find in front of me two Himalayan mystics, an old one and a younger, fair and radiant, well built turbaned young mystic of around thirty. The turban was just a cloth tied u…