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Naini Mata, Engineering Education and the Amrapali Institutes

Some things are best kept private in silence at the time they happen but withpassage of time one may reveal them as in this note, seven years having passed. Before we begin with the stated topic, it is necessary to say a bit about myself and my involvement in all of this
From childhood, I have been interested in the spiritual and mystic side of life.As completion of high school neared, the question arose in the family as to what career I should take up. My father was interested in an army or administrative career for me. It was the best practice in the family. However noting that such careers do not permit freedom to travel or choose places where one would live and work, I was against it.

Therefore, I joined a program in engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology. During some training programs in industry, I was aghast at the confinement in narrow cabins or shop floors in high walled security compounds that engineers had to spend eight hours or more a day in. To me it seemed l…

Mother Goddess viewed from Nainital

Some years ago when I visited Her temple beside the Lake in Nainital, I looked for a book on Her in stores nearby. I found a small one in Hindi by Dr. Kiran Kumari.There was a need for another one in English describing much more about Her and Her place in the Universe. Therefore I decided to undertake this task. My background is one from Science yet I have had deep interests in the mystic side of life. Therefore when I wrote this book it was from this combined perspective. It must be admitted that the task was a difficult one and although the first attempt resulted in a book, it had shortcomings.. The loving Mother Naini Mata let her child try his hand at this homework on his own without active help. Parts of it were difficult to understand, even confusing. Therefore, recently I began work on new edition again. This new version has now been released at Amazon and other stores around the world in both paperback and electronic formats. It was also an opportunity to improve the format an…

Shree Hanuman Chalisa - Mantra Par Excellence

The power of mantra Jap or repetition of select holy words has been a time tested technique of spiritual development. The recitation of a mantra stills the mind and drives consciousness closer to its original source. At other times consciousness gets attached to activities of a finite mind and its small finite powers.
Some decades ago when modern researchers began to research effect of mantra recitation on humans, some came to conclusion that even the recitation of nonsense words like coco cola rather than selected sacred ones were producing benefit. However it is a grave mistake to do that because in meditative states consciousness becomes open to connections in the universe and then there is danger that nonsense or evil of the universe shall enter it.Whatever the mind focuses on, that it tends to attain.
A modern computer user may compare this to his experience of a computer. When not connected to the net, its powers are limited to that on the finite computer. When connected to the…

Words of Babaji Haidakhan, Word of Beauty

Words of Babaji transmitted through

Sati Devi Haidiyakhandi at:

NOTE: Both  Haidakhan or Hairakhan spelling is used in English. The closest equivalent of this Nainital Himalayan word is perhaps Hairdkhan

Pathway to Hairakhan, Pathways to Paradise

While Baba Hairakhan walked amongst us, he guided many through his blessings and words to pathways of bliss. Now that he is no longer among us physically, his blessings and intervention in life is still available to all who love him. Indeed it is available to others too, even those who never met him or any other saint or divinity that walked upon the face of Mother Earth, for when God sent forth souls into life, he inscribed knowledge on their hearts. The only difficulty is that most of us waste no time in smudging that knowledge with things like greed, lust and anger. Things like Love, truth and simplicity restore it. That is how saints help humans who approach them.
Those who now wish to discover those paths for themselves with some guidance from saints through the ages can find it in this new book shared with all here:
This is the link to Amazon in India. Others elsewhere may find other sources near them by goo…