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For lovers of Babaji, Baba Haidakhan

In recent times many refer to Baba Haidakhan of Nainital District as just Babaji which in fact is a generic term for an evolved spiritual mystic. Although much about Babaji remains a divine mystery with him revealing only parts to different loving followers, his interest in the Middle East is revealed by Alx Uttermann I am thankful to Alx for drawing my attention to the matter earlier today.: While the people of both Israel and Palestine suffer, it is a small narrow group of vested interests that profit from keeping up the conflict and not reaching a peaceful resolution. This conflict is at root of much terror in world. It seems prior to Israel-Palestine conflict that began after WWII, Muslim nations were just as if not more peaceful than Christian ones. Power and profits has been won through conflict and hate from the beginning of human civilization while there have also been times of peace and happiness wh…