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Goddess of Nainital

On reading the posts of this blog the reader may get a little confused as to the origin of Naini Devi- the Goddess of Nainital. She is interpreted by some as the ancient Goddess Nana, others as Naina Devi the consort of lord Shiva, by many as Nanda Devi the mountain Goddess of Kumaon; some regard her as Kali or the Goddess Durga.

It does not really matter in what particular interpretation you hold the Goddess because they are all the reincarnations or interpretations of the same original mother Goddess. The Hindus believe that God is infinite and with a form beyond comprehension. However in order to direct ones attention, the formless infinite God of the universe may be represented by a finite interpretation. The finite image may be male as the Lord Shiva or female as a mother Goddess. In reality the infinite God is beyond this human sexual distinction. In Hindu mythology the two aspects male and female are regarded as two parts of the same infinite power.

The infinite God can also b…

Photos of Naini Devi Temple