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Maharishi Alok Sagar, A Modern Guardian of the Forests

In the previous post (posted before news of Alok Sagar became public) this author had described about hermits who are also guardians of the forests, such is their love for nature.  Some say that all this is history or theoretical with no relevance to modern times. But it is not so dear readers, such hermits exist even today. One of them - Alok Sagar - was a class fellow during my younger days. We both graduated from the best university for engineering in the country in 1971 and later after some more study, we both went on for doctoral studies again at leading universities in USA and Canada. However soon after, this friend, Dr. Sagar took to the forests for reasons similar to what has been described in the previous post. Until recently he kept his education and background secret but it became known by chance due to an inquiry by police who became suspicious that he might be some spy or something. He had to reveal all then. He has been helping educate villagers that live in forests and …

Guardians of the Forest and Babaji

For thousands of years now a belief has prevailed in South Asian society that one cannot escape all difficulties of life as long as one remains embedded in family, society, worldly ambitions and possessions, that to escape such difficulties and to find understanding and spiritual enlightenment one must escape into the wilderness leaving all behind, that peace, happiness, enlightenment and bliss may then be found through communion with nature, the stars, reflection and meditation. It was as a part of such traditions that Prince Gautama left behind his family along with kingdom and left for the forests. After several years of meditation he received enlightenment and became the Buddha.
Many persons who leave for the wilderness have led successful, highly educated and wealthy lives prior to their departure. Not all become a Buddha but many do become renowned saints. The educated and highly learned ones among them were given the title Maharishis or the Great sages. Next are just the rishis…