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Image of Naini Mata Temple on a Coat of Arms

An image of the roof of the Naini Mata temple of Nainital has been incorporated in the design of a coat of arms of a newly defined Kingdom of Piland.  The design uses the image of a lion too often shown as a companion of the Mother Goddess. Jai Mata Ki. The motto used in the Coat of Arms is the principle one of Baba Haidkhan of Nainital District - Love, Truth and Simplicity. The design has penguins too because this is a Kingdom in the Antarctica. To find out more about this Kingdom on facebook check

However His Majesty of Piland believes in Freedom of belief. His Majesty has strong spiritual beliefs but none that belong exclusively to any one religion or philosophical system. They arise from both the east and the west, from ancient beliefs as well as modern ones. However he believes strongly that every human has a right to his or her own belief or none at all, and that any fanaticism in such matters is detrimental to further evolution since no fin…

The unknown and beautiful lakes of Nainital

Nainital being a lake district has several lakes. Some are well known but others unknown, especially those that do not have a motorable road to it. Two such are Harishtal and Lokhamtal, both close to each other.
Lokhamtal is a very small lake of the size of Khurpatal but Harishtal is bigger and has a village around it. Villagers have terraced farms on the hill beside the lake. One has to trek to reach these villages. Not having roads helps to maintain the pristine and pollution free nature of these lakes. However villagers have been demanding a road for the last sixty years. They have refused to vote in elections unless a road is built. They hope for a road connecting Harishtal to Bhimtal. Other possible roads are from Hairakhan and Chorgalia, both well connected already. A road can also be built connecting Harishtal to Okhalkhand nearby. The road would help take the tourist pressure off Nainital, by dividing it in two directions from the Nainital highway at Kathgodam.
Hairakhan villa…

Truffles – A New Economic Possibility for Nainital and Almora Districts

Truffles along with saffron are two of the most expensive and exotic food products in the world. They are also similarly priced with a price of around a couple of thousand dollars a kilogram or so but more or less depending upon quality. Both are used as flavoring spicing agents in the most expensive food recipes of the world. While cultivation and use of Truffles is common in Europe, unlike saffron, its use is not common in Asia except in some places in China and Bhutan and few even know about it. Not long ago even the Chinese did not know about its value and fed it to pigs who just loved it and got sexually excited on eating it. It is not known if this tuber has a similar effect on humans but it certainly gives many foods an exotic and delicious flavor. However, with globalization and travel more and more persons are learning about this diamond of the kitchen. Methods for its cultivation have been developed in France and it is worth exploring the possibility of cultivating fine truf…

A New Ray of Hope for Nainital Lakes

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PIL Alleging Rampant Encroachment In Nainital. July 4, 2014 at 11:18pm
The Uttarakhand high court has banned the use of polythene bags in Nainital district and ordered that Rs 500 fine be imposed on anyone found using it from July 15. It also ordered the DM to file an affidavit on the details of construction within 30 metres of all lakes in the district. As per building bylaws, no construction, permanent or temporary, is allowed within 30 metres of the lakes.
A bench of Justice Servesh Kumar Gupta and Justice Alok Singh passed the order on Thursday after hearing a PIL alleging rampant encroachment in Nainital. The petitioner, Ajay Rawat, an environmental activist, had also raised the issues of pollution due to polythene bags in his PIL.
The ban will cover hilly areas like Bhimtal and Mukteshwar and also low lying areas like the industrial Haldwani …