The unknown and beautiful lakes of Nainital


Nainital being a lake district has several lakes. Some are well known but others unknown, especially those that do not have a motorable road to it. Two such are Harishtal and Lokhamtal, both close to each other.

Lokhamtal is a very small lake of the size of Khurpatal but Harishtal is bigger and has a village around it. Villagers have terraced farms on the hill beside the lake. One has to trek to reach these villages. Not having roads helps to maintain the pristine and pollution free nature of these lakes. However villagers have been demanding a road for the last sixty years. They have refused to vote in elections unless a road is built. They hope for a road connecting Harishtal to Bhimtal. Other possible roads are from Hairakhan and Chorgalia, both well connected already. A road can also be built connecting Harishtal to Okhalkhand nearby. The road would help take the tourist pressure off Nainital, by dividing it in two directions from the Nainital highway at Kathgodam.

Hairakhan village got connected by a fine road due to the wishes of Baba Hairakhan. Perhaps we need to get a baba at Harishtal for the same. Guess I should visit some day as a baba.


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