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Queen Victoria and Nainital

This is a beautiful image of Queen Victoria from 1887. She was the Empress of India during her long reign and had special connections to Nainital. She is regarded by some as a reincarnation of a Himalayan goddess and/or Nanda Devi who too during one of her reincarnations was a royal person of the Chand Dynasty. Queen Victoria made it a point to make a gift of a bell to the Shrine of Badrinath during her coronation and a British coin depicts her as a goddess accompanied by a lion ( Uma and the coin Gold). My novel "Nude besides the Lake" available at Amazon discusses this in much detail. Queen Victoria wished to visit India and Nainital and live for a while at the Raj Bhavan that was constructed for a possible visit by her. However due to to the untimely death of her husband Queen Victoria never made the trip. nevertheless she remained fond of all things Indian and even spoke Hindustani.

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