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Kingdom of Piland Chronicles

The Kingdom of Piland Chronicles is a record of the doings of a new Kingdom established in a seemingly unclaimed portion of the Antarctica in July 2014. As stated in the chronicles, due to the remoteness and cold nature of the kingdom, no significant activity has taken place  in the kingdom, at least as yet. Nevertheless, some of its stated policies are significant enough for the rest of the world to draw inspiration from. First is the policy of running a democracy by creating the parliament from a random selection of citizens and not permitting the concept of a political party or elections. This idea has been drawn from ancient Athens. In this manner the kingdom completely avoids the role of money in elections and selection of persons who work for money rather than people. The chronicles contain detailed arguments for this policy. The second significant initiative is to tie its currency to gold. The five hundred dollar coin of the kingdom is a ten gram coin in fine gold. In this mann…