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Beautiful Mother Earth - Munnar

Just as Nainital is an example of the beauty of Mother Earth in North India, it appears that Munnar is an example of how beautiful mother earth can be in Kerala, South India. Both places were highly appreciated by the British when they ruled India and were developed as summer capitals in North and South respectively. Unfortunately we Indians have not yet got around to contributing enough attention and effort towards preserving and enhancing the beauty of our Mother the Earth yet and have permitted unscruplous developments in places like Nainital. Perhaps we have been much too busy with fighting our poverty or our petty caste squabbles or too seeped in human greed to appreciate beauty as it should be. If we do not rectify, Mother earth will just move away elsewhere, like any loving mother who is not given the respect she deserves,  for she has many homes in our endless universe.

Beauty is a representation of the divine just as much as Love, truth and Simplicity are. The top is a photo…