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Ten things that make for heavenly places on Earth

The most heavenly parts of our lovely planet in my experience have involved the following features
They are located near or within mountain areas that have sufficient level or very gradually sloped ground for habitationAre green andinclude both large areas of trees as well as open grassland and some rocky areas, The portion with trees have a lush undergrowth so not much soil is visibleHave bodies of fresh water such as lakes, streams etc.Has a habitation that is not too dense and buildings that are no higher than four stories, most less so that lifts are not requiredHave a climate that is not too harsh for any significant portion of the year so that one may live without air-conditioners or central heating but just some clothing and minimal local environmental control such as a room heater or a fan.Are sufficiently prosperous so that buildings are not too dilapidated or broken down in the mainHave adequate town …

Shiva and Cannabis or Marijuana

“Compassionate people are geniuses in the art of living, more necessary to the dignity, security and joy of living than discoverers of knowledge” Albert Einstein
“Those who seek joy and dignity through an attainment of wealth devoid of goodness and compassion lose both and drive themselves to the top of a mountain of misery and the edge of an abyss” Ashok M.

Cannabis is presently an illegal substance in India. It was not so in the past and there is much history and mythology associated with substance. names of God in Himalayan and sub – Himalayan regions is Shiv or Shiva. Many Himalayan sages have meditated on the Infinite Lord known as Shiva. Shiva because of His infinity can have no form, but devotees have personified him in numerous and varied forms the most famous being  the dancing Shiva or Shiva Natraja, as the creator of life, the Shiv Linga and as a meditating sage and male partner of the Mother Goddess, as Shiv Shankar.

The most famous of Shiva worshiping sages in ancient times…