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The Mother Goddess loves you dearly

A fresh revised edition of the book - Naini Mata Goddess of Nainital has been released recently. it describes not just about the Mother Goddess as worshipped and loved in Nainital but elsewhere around the world too. The book is available at at :

The book also is available at Amazon and other outlets all around the world including India in both print and electronic versions. Just search for it on google if you are interested. The new revised edition is much better presented than the earlier one. It describes the history of worship of the Mother Goddess since ancient times as well as explains it from a modern scientific point of view.

Naini Mata is how she is addressed as in Naintal town. Higher up in the mountains, she is known with her sister as the goddesses Nanda and Sunanda. Those from Haidakhan call her Haidkandeshwari, others in Tibet as Tara.. She is Ma Durga. She is mother earth and the majestic sn…

Jai Maa Nanda Devi I Nanda Devi Yatra

Countryside around Nainital town

The Nainital Lake is so captivating that most photos end up taking pictures of the lake from close and miss to photograph the countryside around it that is just as pretty. here is one picture.