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The Love of Naini Mata is Huge

Through a life full of many events and adventures, many a time I foolishly did wrong things as perhaps most of us do or came close to grave danger but all those time a mysterious force, a loving hand saved me from trouble. I recognize that now as the Love of God in his various facets and manifestations, a prominent one among them being Naini Mata, the goddess of Nainital.
The Infinite Almighty has no form that can be comprehended but those who love him have tried to do so in various names, forms and symbols. This is perfectly all right as long as one realizes that God is not limited to that name and form but it is just one of his infinite facets. As a female or as the female side of the Lord who is neither male nor female, humans recognize the Almighty as the Mother Goddess.
The Mother Goddess too has an infinite number of shapes and forms and a devotee may choose any that he or she becomes familiar with. In the Himalayas the mother goddess has been recognized as the dark goddess Ka…

A Prayer for the Real Donald Trump from Lovers of Nainital

Ever since Nainital was established as a town and district in the Central Himalayas more than a century ago during the days of the British Empire, bureaucrats, politicians, mystics and others of Nainital have exerted their influence on the affairs of humanity across the planet. This year 2016, some watched American elections with much interest because being the largest economy and military power in the world, its influence on all humans across the planet, not just in America, is huge.
The clear favorite of most was Bernie Sanders at first because in his words were the messages of love, truth and simplicity so loved by Baba Hairakhan, the most recent divine manifestation in the district of Nainital in human form. However, later, when he dropped out of the race, the choice of many fell on Donald Trump even though he is new  and unconventional as a politician and that causes fear of uncertain outcomes for many. However in him was hope of a break from many established practices, some tha…