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Love, Truth and Simplicity

From breath to Breath From life to death
Life is a room with six doors A life where the choice is yours
Doors to doom and danger Lust, greed and anger
Bright are the other three Love, truth and simplicity
From the author of - The Babaji Affair

Possibility of relocating congestion of Nainital to Khurpa Tal

While everyone agrees that Nainital has become over congested and there is a need not just to stop new development but also relocate some of the existing one that is choking the hill sides, no concrete proposals are even being studied for it.
Some promising areas for relocation are on the road to Bhowali or around Hanuman Garhi. However another very promising area is the location around Khurpa Tal. Geographically it is a very close to Nainital.  However, the existing road to it through the hills increases the distance considerably. What would be required is to connect both localities by the construction of a new road to it  involving a tunnel of about a quarter of kilometer length through the hill. The other side of the hill towards Khurpa Tal would then be a walking distance from the flats, the central location of Nainital. Presently much of the area around Khurpa Tal is used as farmlands. It has the potential to become a suburb of Nainital where some existing plot owners or establi…

The Deathless Babaji

There are some who believe that there is a mystic Babaji who is deathless and roams about in the Kumaon Himalayas hopping from hill to hill. Some even thought that Baba Haidakhan about whom there are several posts in this blog (see links to the left) is that deathless Baba. As regards that it is only the soul that is deathless, all physical bodies are transient, they are born and they die. Even the planets and the universe are transient. May I quote from another blogpost on this,

"It is really very surprising how humans in this age of science and logic can believe, without the slightest shred of evidence, that there is a young Babaji who roams and hops about in the Kumaon hills and never dies! or for that matter a Lochness Monster or a Himalayan Yeti"

Babaji or Baba Haidakhan - The Nainital Mystic who restored truths about Yoga

The Himalayas have been a source of spiritual knowledge since ancient times. It has been the abode and/or origin of numerous saints, mystics, including the Great Buddha; and according to Hindu and Buddhist Mythology also of gods, goddesses and Bodhisattvas. Certainly if a location has to be chosen for that in the world it has to be The Himalayas as the Highest mountain chain of the world and also the most conducive to life and beauty.
In 1970, a youthful saint of around twenty, called Baba Haidakhan or Babaji lovingly by his disciples appeared in the Nainital District of Himalayas. He died in 1984, even as he had said while he lived that the body is meaningless and transient but the soul lives on.
While he lived, he lovingly and joyously demolished certain fallacies and myths about yoga that were spreading in the world. It was a time when there was a great interest in yoga in the west. Certain popular sects were propagating myths about yoga, perhaps for commercial reasons, that were d…

New Book Release - The Babaji Affair

Hi, my new book - The Babaji Affair - has just been released by Persons who find eastern mysticism and spirituality interesting are sure to love this book. The cover image is of me sitting in a boat in the middle of Naini Lake of Nainital.