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Hanuman Chalisa in English

The importance of Hanuman Chalisa has been described in an earlier post. (click on link to see). It was originally composed in Hindi (Awadhi) by Tulsidas. At the present time there are many persons around the world who would like to recite this mantra but are unfamiliar with the Hindi Script. Many transcriptions in English are available on the net, each with some variations. The present version is a fresh attempt that has tried to remain as close as possible to the original pronunciation. However the interested person can get many song versions of this on the net to learn the correct pronunciation while using this text to read simultaneously. After a few attempts, just reading will suffice to yield, more or less, the correct pronunciation.

It is not necessary to be able to read the Hanuman Chalisa in the original or any other script. Many illiterate persons have derived full benefit from it after learning it by heart. What is necessary is to pronounce the words as correctly as possib…