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Best time of day to consume Marijuana/ Cannabis wherever legal

Cannabis is an illegal substance in most countries of the world presently. However for centuries humans have used cannabis for its medicinal, spiritual and recreational benefits, up until around a hundred years ago when it began to become illegal and maligned. Now as modern research begins to unfold medical benefits of Marijuana for various ailments, many for which no reasonable modern treatment exists such as epilepsy in children and PTSD in adults to name just a few, efforts have begun in many parts of the world to re-legalize it. It is something that was legal for thousands of years of human history and created no problems except in the aforesaid period of less than hundred years when it was made illegal.
Aside from its medicinal and spiritual use, modern studies appear to have established that it is much safer than alcohol as a relaxant and for recreational use also. Alcohol used similarly can kill and prompt crimes. Marijuana does not kill and suppresses tendency for crimes. Fur…