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Happy New Year to all who love Nainital

As a result of fate and destiny, I have lived in many different continents and parts of the world in my brief something life of sixty and some years. My experience tells me that it is fate and destiny where one ends up living rather than one’s own choices in the matter.As I look back, it is clear that the happiest periods of my life were spent in Nainital with the grace of the Goddess of Nainital – Naini Mata – and the Lord. I spent my childhood in Nainital and have visited later whenever opportunity permitted. The scriptures assert that when one leaves this body and is born again in a new life, it is usually in a place that is most on one’s mind during one’s last days and I suspect in my case it shall be Nainital.
The District of Nainital is indeed one of the most beautiful districts on our planet with a diverse flora and fauna depending on where one is in the district with the Naintal town in its center. Unlike the plains, in Himalayan districts, the flora and fauna can change drama…