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Nainital Heritage

With the blessings of the Goddess Naini, the presiding deity of Nainital, the city has numerous beautiful heritage buildings. If I had my way I would try and get Nainital declared as a world heritage site. It is now mainly up to the government of Uttarakhand and the people of Nainital to make every possible effort to preserve the heritage buildings. Lessons may be be learnt from Europe, as to how this is done in historical cities there. There is also a need to prevent new buildings coming up in new designs that do not reflect the original heritage of the city. If that is permitted a unique heritage of mankind would be lost. In recent decades the hillsides have become over built. There is a need to relocate some of the new constructions towards Bhowali or Hanumangarhi and remove congestion. There is also a need to quickly and speedily discard any proposals to permit raising the heights of buildings as some have suggested out of the infinitely expanding greed of humans. It was perhaps …