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A Lovely Review of The Babaji Affair

Every now and then I visit the various websites where my book – The Babaj Affair – has been listed by Amazon. Today when I looked up the amazon division in India I was delighted to find a lovely and brief review of the book from a reviewer by the name of RannBanka Rathod
That review is reproduced here:
“The book by Ashok Malhotra has been quite refreshing among the many spiritual books out today. I was expecting a biography however got glued on to the book after I started reading it. It has a kind of optimism and spirituality coupled with a message as to how one should approach life. A must read for people who enjoy reading books about spirituality.”
I would like to thank Mr. RannBanka Rathod for the review using his online name since I do not know his real one. A surprising coincidence was that the price of the book was set at 1008 rupees by Amazon and the number 1008 is closely and intimately associated with Babaji.…