Human limitation in interpreting rare mystic phenomenon

Dear readers from time to time rare mystic phenomenon take place on our planet. Since these phenomena are beyond the ordinary human experience we may interpret them as magical or incorrectly. When one does this from a modern perspective that hs in it modern scientific understanding one may not do harm but good instead, In either case one is merely adding to a chain of historical interpretations. I shall write more of this later for often the Almighty expolains apoint through a dream as it just did from me. It explained that one does it to a contemporary phenomenon one may cause much damage to self and others by being the origin of it if it was pubic. Within a small groupn privately it may be more acceptable. Therefore I am presently hiding some of my recent posts under guidance form the Lord as well as a video I put out that concerned one such until I have the time for communion with the Lord.

Best wishes

Help arrives from Haidakhan Babaji

Recently, to friends on face book, I had described how I had suffered much from an illness that was similar to an earlier one suffered in 2007, but just much briefer this time. In 2007 I used to drink much and that had complicated the illness, making it last several months. Moreover, this time, having gone through the same illness before, I knew what had to be done for treatment.
When illness had struck in 2007, I had ascribed it to excessive drinking that began soon after death of mother Nando in 1999, to drown my sorrow then. However even then, I had suspected an attack by some poisons mixed in but was not sure. When the attack came this time, I knew it was poisons because now I was not drinking. With the grace and help of Babaji, except for an odd social occasion, I stopped drinking in 2007. It has been described in my earlier books and blogs on Babaji.
Immediately I secured my kitchen and discarded all existing food rations into the compost pile just as I had done in 2007. They …

Naini Mata, Mother Goddess of Miracles

Last month, one morning I woke up with an intuition that a college friend, Rajat would be visiting Jaipur. He currently lives in America and it had been a long time since I had heard from him. Excitedly, I rushed an email to him that I am in Jaipur currently and I heard that he is coming here, and it would be nice if he came and stayed with me this time instead of a hotel where he usually stays during his many travels around the world. It would be an opportunity to catch up. A reply came that he was indeed coming to India in early April but not to Jaipur. Then few days later another excited email arrived from him,

Dear Ashok, thank you for wishing me luck. You are not only wise but possess some special powers because of meditating and being a yogi. A good evidence of that is I am coming to Jaipur for a book event on the 6th of April. Initially Jaipur was not on my schedule but magically it is now happening. Love to invite you to the function and call ch up (read catch up) with you aft…

Gifts from the gods

Those who love God and his angels, the gods and goddesses and engage in their service whenever opportunity permits, do not miss out on anything of their own needs. Like a loving parent, God does not give us all we want but He gives us what we need. These are provided with ease by Him and the gods. From time to time, there are special gifts from them, by the love and grace of the Lord.
Every year, during one of the months of monsoons called Savan, village fairs calls melas in local language are held near Siva temples across several towns of northern India. I had described a visit to one in an earlier post. I rarely visit the temple itself on such Mondays because there is long line outside the temple. My own belief is that if you carry the love of the Lord in your heart, one does not have to visit a temple for it. God is everywhere. I just convey my greetings to the Lord from a distance, from a place where just the roof of the temple is visible because of the trees.
Going through the…