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The Magic of New Beginnings

A photo snapped this morning from my bedroom window - every morning, I go to the window and greet the morning sun, thanking it and the Universe for all it gives without having to ask, and then I say to myself, it is a new day, a new beginning, a time to experience the magic of new beginnings, and then numerous birds sing "New day, new day, new day, come on out and experience the magic ---" Jai Ho Surya Devta, Jai Surya Dev
Gods and goddesses grant wealth, fame and security from dangers through prayer and sacrifice for them, but peace and happiness comes from doing good and compassionate deeds for other humans in need, children, old, vulnerable, animals, birds, nature etc. and not harming any. It is one of the reasons why there are very many rich persons in the world but they have neither peace nor happiness that is found more commonly in humble homes. That is what I believe the Lord, all of his Angels, all of the gods and goddesses wish of humans, that is my belief. Good hea…

Enchanting Devotional Music by Hans Chrisitian

Those who love the spirituality of Nainital and surrounding Himalayas would love this enchanting devotional music by Hans Christian called - Nanda Devi. Check out at:
Also see,

Followers of Baba Haidakhan would love it especially. Personally I am looking forward to a sequel - Sunanda Devi - because the two sister goddessess are eternal companions. To quote a reviewer from the given link who has described better than I could,
“New age master multi-instrumentalist Hans Christian has a spiritually-powerful new album, NANDA DEVI, named after the tall, sacred peak in India, and the music is an ode to this special place on our planet. His main instrument is cello, but he also plays a large group of real ethnic world music instruments such as sitara, sarangi, nyckelharpa, dhilruba, swaramandala, psaltery, bamboo flute, udu, tampura, frame drums, Tibetan bowls and many more. --- Now with his NAN…