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Listen Hear Ye Angels Sing, A New Prince Born Today

Listen Hear ye Angels Sing A new Prince born today Blessed by the Himalayan peaks Nanda and Sunanda The Baby shall have a bonny weight Changa hoga Munda Of our dearest William andKate
Special births between July 20 and July 25 have a special significance to Himalayan districts blessed by the Himalayan peaks of Nanda and Sunanda as well as regions far away spiiritully connected to these districts..

UPDATE JULY 23: 2013  Just caught on the news that the prince with a bonny weight (eight and a half pounds) arrived to the world yesterday at 4.24  p. m.. Some may wonder why this blog announced the arrival of a Prince before the fact was known. It could have been a princess too but then an element of prophecy and revelation has always followed spirituality  like a shadow follows a man, and although some of this blog's content is not spiritual some is. May the New Prince be blessed.  

Image courtsey: Wikipedia Commons