Encounter with a Himalayan Mystic – Baba Haidakhan or Babaji

Jai Shiv Shankar, Jai Bhole Nath ki

It was in the early eighties, as an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Delhi I had rented an apartment a few kilometers away from IIT, at a place known as Masjid Moth (DDA Flats). There was accommodation on campus but with two infant daughters and a live in full time Nanny to boot the accommodation on campus was a bit too compact for our needs. I lived in this apartment from approximately the middle of 1981 to the middle of 1984. It was during this period when I had an  unusual spiritual encounter. I do not recall the exact date when the encounter took place but the incident itself is crystal clear in my mind.

Babaji or Baba Haidakhan ( Hairakhan, Hairdakhan)
At the time my wife with nanny and children were away and I was alone at home. It was morning, some time after breakfast when the bell rang. I opened the door to find in front of me two Himalayan mystics, an old one and a younger, fair and radiant, well built turbaned young mystic of around thirty. The turban was just a cloth tied up around the head in a style particular to Babaji actually rather than a formal turban. The younger person was completely silent but the older one spoke that they were Himalayan mystics on a visit and were seeking some food from me. I  agreed to offer them some money but did not agree to let them in for refreshment because it is not safe. In India even some thieves sometimes move around in the guise of mystics, therefore as a principle one does not let unknown mystics in to one’s home. Something in me wanted to agree but I declined on principle not to comply. If I was in my present home that has an outdoor garden I would have seated them in the garden but being an apartment there was none such then, just a staircase landing ahead of my door. The older Babaji then spoke in Hindi that the younger silent mystic was a much evolved Babaji - bahut pahunche huain babaji hain - in Hindi. I politely declined again. Then the younger Baba too spoke from deep within his belly as sometimes mystics who are on a vow of silence (not speaking from the mouth) do. He spoke a single sentence of four words,

 “I shall eat half a Kilo of Ghee ( Adha kilo ghee khanunga )”

I apologized and declined and the mystics went away. Looking back, the request of a half kilo of Ghee was a ridiculous request, perhaps a friendly joke, or a secret message still unknown to me, or a sign that the Babaji wished me to actually decline rather than comply, because even if one agreed to feed the mystics one would not offer such crazy fare. I feel now that the Babaji had  merely come to visit me and also perhaps bless me because I was facing a difficult moment in my life then and the troubles of the time began to lift soon after. At that time I was unaware of Babaji and any past connection with him.  It was only much later in 1995 that I realized that I had been most probably visited by Baba Haidakhan accompanied by the older mystic who was probably Shastri Ji about whom I heard in 2007.

At the time I did not know who the Babaji was and why he had chosen me of all the people to visit. My apartment was removed from the road and situated on the third floor of a complex and there were numerous other apartments en route that it appeared they did not visit but headed straight for mine and that too with a request that was quite strange and un-compliable.

I cannot be one hundred percent sure because of the passage of time that it was indeed Baba Haidakhan but my investigations since then indicate that it was most likely so. First is relationships dating back to my childhood in Nainital. The second is the resemblance from the photos. The image accompanying this post is that of Babaji when he was much younger and slimmer but there are plenty of images of him in books on him and on the net from various stages of his life to compare. Babaji did wear a turban every now and then and he did move around on unknown trips accompanied by an older mystic known as Shatriji. Moreover He is known to have kept vows of silence when he spoke a bit through his throat on occasions while looking downwards. We both seem to be born around the same time in 1950. My spiritual connection with Babaji is likely an old one even dating back to previous lives. We have both had deep spiritual links to the Himalayan district of Nainital and the sacred peaks of Nanda and Sunanda that have blessed this district since times immemorial. The first published nomenclature of the Sunanda peak is due to me. It had been referred to unknowingly yet inappropriately as Nanda Devi East by the Europeans and that practice had persisted. until a few years ago the goddess granted me the honor of introducing her appropriate name to the world at large. There is full post on that in this blog and a link is probably there in the side bar.

A photo of my home in Jaipur

The second time Babaji intervened in my life is when I needed workers  to build my present home in 1993 and was unable to find any, despite my willingness to pay heavily for them, because of the season but suddenly they landed up by surprise beginning with a mystic mason, by the name of Sua Lal who was well known in the area for singing songs in praise of Shiva while he worked like a mad man for some. To  ordinary humans some mystics appear as psychotics. Since then my encounters with Babaji in a spiritual way have continued consciously and knowingly albeit intermittently until today. He has on some occasions appeared in my personal affairs at a moment of grave need and I too have visited his Ashram first time in the summer of  2007 when he took me for a visit to the district personally (??!!) with him, all this when I am not a disciple of Babaji as some others are. To me he is more a highly revered and much loved mystic appearance albeit a spiritual Guru at the same time. Some of my later encounters with Babaji are so magical and fantastic that I myself find them unbelievable when they are over leave alone describe them here although I have described one in the post entitled kriya yoga of Babaji in this blog. Babaji is indeed a magical manifestation of the Universal consciousness. Although he may change bodies as soon as it is no longer young, he is an immortal soul with deep connections to the Nainital Himalayas.

Haidkhan is also spelt as Hairakhan because the central sound in the name does not exist in most other languages aside from Hindi. It is a sound that is more like the combined sound of an R and a D. Perhaps Hairdakhan would have been the best way to represent it in English but this is usually not done.

There are a few more posts on Babaji in this blog in case you wish to read more about him.

Note: This post also appears in my other blog http://someitemshave.blogspot.com

Update April 2013 :  I have recently realized that the request of half a kg of Ghee was probably for a fire ceremony called a Havan that Babaji loved to perform.


chidananda M R said…

Sir i am interested in Spiritual Enlightenment, but i

have family problems. i need money for my family life

basic needs. If any one give me money, i will fulfill all

my family needs and i will live with Himalayan Sadus /

Yogies / Masters / Swamiji to get Spiritual


i read your blog, i understand that you not more rich in

money, bu your life experience is rich. Please suggest

anyone to donate me some money.

please be friend with me

ashok said…
Dear Chidananda
spiritual enlightenment begins with service to self and family. If you do this with love it is better than going to Himalayas. That should only be considered once the financial needs of your family and yourself is met. Money cannot be found through donation or wishing but it can come to one through some past karma suddenly, otherwise it has to be earned slowly and patiently. Set aside ten percent as savings, never borrow, unless it is a matter of life and death. Just ave in a bank account and in five or ten years you shall have enough to purchase some land. In another ten it will be expenive enough and sell if you wish to move to Himalayas :) Sounds too long? not at all if the journey is joyous and it will be if you live in love, truth and simplicity enjoying what the Lord provides without asking.
Unknown said…
Very nice post Professor. One must recall another mystic philosopher LW to realise what purity is. We live in a transactional world where the god man industry is a multi million industry. The true ones are hidden from sight and live in silence. I hope our lifetimes find meaning in a world which is going insane by the day. There is little depth or tolerance in a greedy materialistic Indian society. The essence of mysticism is boundless compassion and detachment Hope you continue to find meaning.
Ashok said…
Not just God men and religions, greed in excess and evil proportions has entered all of humans institutions, politicians serve money interests while pretending to serve people, health care industry serves its profit more than human health often wishing humans get sicker or addicted to opioids, lawyers complicate a case to increase earnings, nations start wars to profit from arms and so on. Truly these are times when evil in high with greed at the root of much. Yet there is also goodness and beauty available for those who cherish and seek it. May you find it. Best wishes.
Reneesh said…
Hello Ashok Sir,

How are you? My name is Reneesh, am from Kerala. I just want to share some of my thoughts and experience here. About one and a half year before, I saw a television program of a yogi who has a strange name "Mr M". He was talking about his crazy experience at Himalaya with his master Sri Maheshwarnath Babaji. He was talking about Yeti, Nagalok, beings from outer space, etc. From the next day, things happen to change for me. I started searching things in the YouTube and I felt like someone is guiding me via YouTube...haha..I searched to collect information on various Mystic Babas and watched most of their available YouTube videos, mostly related to Babas, Nagas, etc. Your blog is one of the many which I found from the internet. Thanks for this wonderful blog about "Baba Haidkhan". I purchased many books online and continued to watch various kinds of videos. I started meditation and realized many startling facts happening around me. I understood that people are making their life too complicated which can be handled in a direct simple way and not trusting each other. What do you think? Will the society ever change? I am concerned because my own family members fight each other for money, land exactly same way the politicians and business cooperates fight each other for market, money, power etc.
Ashok said…
Dear Reneesh as long as you base your life on Love, truth and Simplicity, The universe will guide your steps in the right direction just as long as you keep your trust in Universe/God

Society goes through cycles and He alone knows where the cycle will turn next. However each person can have his own personal cycle. May yours be filled with joy and goodness.

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