Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Babaji or Baba Haidakhan/ Hairakhan and Religion

Babaji was a mystic who appeared in the Nainital Himalayas between 1970 and 1984. Many believe that he was a divine being that appears repeatedly in human body since times immemorial in the Himalayas with his appearance at Haidakhan being the most recent one. While his origins must remain a mystery, there is no doubt that he added much peace, happiness and beauty in the lives of all he touched and that his life and works were magical. Haidakhan is also spelt Hairakhan because the actual consonant sound used in the word in local language does not exist in English. It is actually something that is a bit like a mix of an R and a D sound.

Like many other modern Gurus, Babaji did not accumulate any wealth, did not ask anyone to change his religion or become his exclusive follower and devotee but rather encouraged all to remain free in heart and soul of any human appearance, instead devoting oneself to God.  Babaji spoke little and his messages spoken in words were brief. First and foremost was to base one’s life in love, truth and simplicity. Next is to strive and work to improve self as well as lives of others as long as one lives.  Most important is love of God, the universal consciousness that pervades the universe.

Babaji advocated that one can express this love of God in any manner one is familiar with from one’s religious origins, that of another, or none at all, for while religious expression belongs to defined groups of humans, there is only one God in the universe who belongs to all. Babaji himself appeared in a Hindu environment and therefore he himself regularly performed Hindu rituals as an expression of his love for God which included the fire ceremony of Havan, recitation of the mantra – Om Namah Shivaya and also the singing of holy songs in praise of the Lord in His various manifestations.

The present author is an ardent admirer and follower of Baba Haidakhan. However I have been exposed to several religions in different parts of the world as well as much Science through my profession, therefore my own expression of love for God is based on all of it. Recently I started a new blog devoted exclusively to spiritual thought based on this.  If you are interested checkout the following link; if you follow that blog through a link in the side bar of that blog, I shall include you for a prayer in my next meditation session for increasing peace, happiness and beauty in your life too. The link to this blog is:

Monday, February 6, 2017

Reason for adding Babaji in profile name

Jai Ma Nanda, Jai Sunanda Nanda Devi and Sunanda Devi: Main and East Summits (photo: Alex Moran) With permission from  

Some visitors the blog may have noted that my profile name has changed from just Ashok to Ashok Babaji. There is an interesting history to this name change published in the companion blog at:

The title Babaji added to the name of person, place or some other word is often used for any person whose primary interest in life becomes the spiritual side of life rather than the material or worldly one and who has attained sufficient progress in same to be able to help others too in their spiritual evolution. Some are divine personalities who appear as humans for brief periods to share their message of love and peace with other humans. Baba Hiadakhan, or Babaji of Haidakhan/Hiarakhan of Nainital district described much in this blog has been a dominant spiritual force and guide to this author.

Essentially, to don any sort of spiritual mantle implies becoming a servant or loving child of the Ultimate reality and to do His bidding i.e. to make that the prime purpose of existence rather than their own will. Many such beings require neither any direct communication with the masses nor any recognition of this from them. Some of the evolved beings serve as His messengers while some merely assist in that task. For any such role, it seems, there must be sufficient lack of personal desire, ambition, and a reduced karmic baggage in order for God the Almighty and not just a human, howsoever elevated in the eyes of man,  to accept one in such a role and then to be able to execute that role with any degree of satisfaction.

Om Namah Shivaya

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Love of Naini Mata is Huge

Flowers for the Mother Goddess
Through a life full of many events and adventures, many a time I foolishly did wrong things as perhaps most of us do or came close to grave danger but all those time a mysterious force, a loving hand saved me from trouble. I recognize that now as the Love of God in his various facets and manifestations, a prominent one among them being Naini Mata, the goddess of Nainital.

The Infinite Almighty has no form that can be comprehended but those who love him have tried to do so in various names, forms and symbols. This is perfectly all right as long as one realizes that God is not limited to that name and form but it is just one of his infinite facets. As a female or as the female side of the Lord who is neither male nor female, humans recognize the Almighty as the Mother Goddess.

The Mother Goddess too has an infinite number of shapes and forms and a devotee may choose any that he or she becomes familiar with. In the Himalayas the mother goddess has been recognized as the dark goddess Kali or the snow white one Parvati, or indeed in many hues and colors as the goddess Tara in Tibet, as the goddesses Nanda and Sunanda, as the goddess Durga or as Naini Mata the goddess beside the lake in Nainital.

The love of the Mother Goddess is indeed huge for all. It appears to me that it is especially strong for those who lived by the lake as infants or came to love her with a pure heart even later in life and that she ever protects them even as a loving mother protects a child . She too has no defined form; therefore the picture chosen for this post is just some flowers I collected from the garden for my morning prayers, flowers in colors I think she loves much.

Monday, January 16, 2017

A Prayer for the Real Donald Trump from Lovers of Nainital

Jai Shri Hanuman
Ever since Nainital was established as a town and district in the Central Himalayas more than a century ago during the days of the British Empire, bureaucrats, politicians, mystics and others of Nainital have exerted their influence on the affairs of humanity across the planet. This year 2016, some watched American elections with much interest because being the largest economy and military power in the world, its influence on all humans across the planet, not just in America, is huge.

The clear favorite of most was Bernie Sanders at first because in his words were the messages of love, truth and simplicity so loved by Baba Hairakhan, the most recent divine manifestation in the district of Nainital in human form. However, later, when he dropped out of the race, the choice of many fell on Donald Trump even though he is new  and unconventional as a politician and that causes fear of uncertain outcomes for many. However in him was hope of a break from many established practices, some that are not making the world a better place for 99% of humanity.

Few Nainital lovers, if any, supported the Clintons because she represented  status quo and to them everything that has gone wrong with the world over the last three or four decades. These include increasing instability in the Middle East, millions of distressed refugees, destruction of whole cities and deaths of children, bank led financial crisis, rising inequality, homelessness and hunger and an increasing enrichment of the wealthiest on the planet and the politicians who work in co-operation with them which includes the Clintons. Nevertheless there is much goodness and sweetness deep within Hillary beyond the influences of what has made her what she is now and this blogger had rushed a series of tweets to her early in her bid to inform that divine wisdom seems against her attempt and it might be best for her to consider stepping out and spend her retirement in peace but perhaps all was not in her control.

This blogger does not know if Russian and other governments influenced the American elections and to what extent but God most definitely did as did the lovers of Naini Mata, the eternal goddess of Nainital, the goddesses Nanda and Sunanda and the loving god Hanuman who stands at the gate of the temple of the goddess in Nainital not just in his own abodes at Hanuman Garhi and across the universe, and whose lucky charm even Barack Obama carries in his pocket. These divinities just represent different manifestations of the one divine universal consciousness that is Infinite and with a form beyond comprehension.

Today, this Tuesday the 17th of January, a few days before the inauguration of Donald Trump, a day when the influence of God Hanuman is most apparent across the planet, this blogger and lover of Nainital offers a prayer for the very real Donald Trump, May the Lord strengthen his hands and will to lessen problems mentioned in the last paragraph and make not just America great but all of humanity great and everything good humanity represents, to the extent that is possible by human hands.