Offensive words, sweet speech

As we move through life we run into people whose words offend us deeply, others whose words are pleasant and sweet and most in mixed formats. That is what creates a character different from a bland vegetable.

If we are unable to tolerate offensive words of someone we know or meet, we can minimize communications with such persons and even cut off completely in the case maxima. A similar thing can be done for electronic communications too, through various means known to those familiar with its use in places like social media through use of block, private etc. 

However, two things must be remembered in all this, first is not to be offended much by all kinds of remarks on social media where people having the advantage of distance may feel freer to make offensive remarks, as the picture suggests. I preferred the color red for the graphic in a shade that is the favorite of a a South and East Asian epic god – Lord Hanuman – who was famed for his most appropriate and sweet speech and who is most remembered and honored on Tuesdays, today being one. In Nainital he stands at the gate of the Naini Devi temple on the banks of the lake since he is a protector of Mother Goddess and faithfully in service of Father God at all times, and the people of Naintal are known for their nice speech, not sugar sweet but one laced with humor, happiness, love and wisdom imparted to them by the sweet waters of Naini Lake and the soothing green of oaks and pines that surround it. According to one of the most famous saints of recent times, Sant Kabir - Those who drink sweet water often have sweet speech whereas others whose water is harsh have harsh speech ( Very common around Delhi :) Undoubtedly the water of Nainital is one of the sweetest there is next to Mansarovar of Tibet.

The second thing to remember when we hear offensive speech is that everything that comes to us from the universe around us is a message from the universe. Thus if I hear someone say – “You are a stupid fool”; I hear in it the following message,

“Words like, “you are a stupid fool” are hurtful words best avoided, try not to use such speech for others since one gets out of the universe what one puts into it.”

Jai Shri Hanuman


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