Monday, February 6, 2017

Reason for adding Babaji in profile name

Jai Ma Nanda, Jai Sunanda Nanda Devi and Sunanda Devi: Main and East Summits (photo: Alex Moran) With permission from  

Some visitors the blog may have noted that my profile name has changed from just Ashok to Ashok Babaji. There is an interesting history to this name change published in the companion blog at:

The title Babaji added to the name of person, place or some other word is often used for any person whose primary interest in life becomes the spiritual side of life rather than the material or worldly one and who has attained sufficient progress in same to be able to help others too in their spiritual evolution. Some are divine personalities who appear as humans for brief periods to share their message of love and peace with other humans. Baba Hiadakhan, or Babaji of Haidakhan/Hiarakhan of Nainital district described much in this blog has been a dominant spiritual force and guide to this author.

Essentially, to don any sort of spiritual mantle implies becoming a servant or loving child of the Ultimate reality and to do His bidding i.e. to make that the prime purpose of existence rather than their own will. Many such beings require neither any direct communication with the masses nor any recognition of this from them. Some of the evolved beings serve as His messengers while some merely assist in that task. For any such role, it seems, there must be sufficient lack of personal desire, ambition, and a reduced karmic baggage in order for God the Almighty and not just a human, howsoever elevated in the eyes of man,  to accept one in such a role and then to be able to execute that role with any degree of satisfaction.

Om Namah Shivaya

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